Obec Bílov
plzeňský kraj
sídlo OÚ:
Bílov 39, 331 41 Kralovice

úřední hodiny:
úterý: 19:00 - 20:00

tel.: +420 724 147 648

IČ: 477 333 81
nadmořská výška: 489 m
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1. Hiking
About 1 km behind village are situated many hundred hectares of woods, where you can gather mushrooms and blueberries, but you can also ride a horse, ride a bike or just walk round there. In the Bor woods there is a rest of the village, which was destroyed in the Thirty Year’s War and towards Červená Hora lays even former Celtic graveyard. Advanced tourists can walk through beautiful romantic valley of river Střela to the Rabštejn, the smallest city of Europe, where lives only 14 stable inhabitants – in the valley of river Střela was filmed movie "Road from city".

2. Bicycle tourism
Just behind the village you can join on two signed bicycle routes, which follows mainly structural, especially clerical historical monuments of neighborhood - Baroque 1 and Baroque 2. Landscape with relatively small traffic, it offers many opportunities of completely individual tourism on mountain and road bicycles, approximately in second and third level of difficulty. You can deposit your bikes in the object, or you can borrow them right there.

3. Horse tourism
In smaller form is possible to settle a horse ride directly in the village in house number 14, eventually in nearby village Potvorov (2 km) with mr. Václav Koza. Admirers of horses will sure visit even baroque yard Hubenov laying 5 km from village, where lives thoroughbred racehorses, among others even Vronskij, winner of the Velká Pardubická steeplechase. To Hubenov you can go by foot, or you can go there on bike or on the horse on forest and field paths. Maybe you can find appreciable, that in distance about 25 km away from Bílov is training center of jockey Josef Váňa, the only fivefold winner of "Big Pardubická".

4. Touring by water
Relatively near of Bílov – about 15 km away from village is running through one of the “best for watermen” rivers – Berounka, so it’s no problem to go there in the morning, “sail” down in canoe calm and pleasant 20 km and in the evening to go back without any problems to apartments.

5. Motoring
Outskirts of Bílov offers relatively rich and interesting possibilities for auto-trips:
     a) In the distance from 30 to 80 km it’s possible to visit some bigger towns in neighborhood: Plzeň, Rakovník, Karlovy Vary etc.
     b) Because Plasko was owned by monastery, in neighborhood there are situated very much structural, especially baroque, monuments: Manětín, called as Pearl of baroque, Mariánský Týnec with interesting local museum, Plasy themselves with large convent, castle and crypt of prince Metternich, economic yard Hubenov, baroque chapel in Mladotice, ruins of gothic castles Krašov, Libštejn, Týřov, Krakovec, crypt of Gryspeks in Kralovice with well-preserved mummmy, well-kept and good equipped castles Krásný Dvůr, Chyše and Kozel, the Romanic church in Potvorov etc.
     c) Outskirts of Bílov offers even possibilities of trips for natural interestingness: only about 10 km away from village is group of very big rocks from ice age famous as Dědek (old man), Bába (old hag) and the Rock City. Directly from Bílov you can see Vladař mountain, which grew up from volcanic activity, on which trains his horses Josef Váňa. In fact you can go by foot to the valley of river Střela, which many people rate as one of the nicest and most romantic places ever. Nice destination of trip can be even Skryjská lakes with discovery site of trilobites or nearby Potvorov mountain, which is “occupied” by few rambler settlements.
     d) Air-field Plasy offers sightseeing flights.

6. Swimming
For less picky we offer pond in the middle of the village, but you can also go to the bigger pond on the nearby Červená Hora, to the swimming pool in Potvorov or eventually to the paid swimming pool in the recreation center Bonex near Žihle.

7. Regular actions
Traditionally there are masquerade parade in Bílov, St. Nicholas with his devils and angels and on Easter holidays children are caroling for Easter eggs. Aside from that, May pole is every year in last day of April build and than till morning guarded. At the start of June municipal office arranges contest in the “ride of skill” on the bike for children, in summer there is a competition in volleyball on the sportground and some years in autumn there is a “Hubert’s ride” on horses which moves out to the surrounding woods. Municipal office is not against any other activities, so contingent applicants can after agreement of city mayor use local sportground with artificial green for arranging their own competitions or contests.

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